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In 1998, Equestrian was identied and adopted by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Committee on Women’s Athletics (CWA) as an emerging sport for women at the Division I and II levels. Division III initially adopted it as an emerging sport but later rescinded their decision. Currently there are 18 Division I and four Division II programs sponsoring equestrian.

The National Collegiate Equestrian Association (NCEA), a non-profit corporation, was created as a governing body to advance the sport of equestrian. The NCEA is responsible for the development and administration of equestrian rules and guidelines. Equestrian is subject to all NCAA policies and procedures in the same manner as other sports.

The NCEA developed sub-committees for areas critical to the advancement of equestrian. These sub-committees consist of coaches and administrators from member institutions. Coaches and administrators are invited to serve on any of the various NCEA Committees of their choice. The committees include but are not limited to: Emerging Sports, Competition, Promotions, Sponsorship, Selection, and Championship. Each committee is charged with helping to progress equestrian to championship sport status within the NCAA.



Colleges: 19

15.0 Scholarships for women per team


Colleges: 7

15.0 Scholarships for women per team


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No opportunities