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what is a 100% scholarship or ‘full ride’?

A full scholarship can cover your tuition fees, accommodation, food, books, and everything related to your sport. However, scholarships are usually offered on a percentage basis, from 0 – 100% and can have a combination of academic and athletic funding. Only a coach or athletic director can decide how much scholarship money will be offered.

what are the eligibility requirements to play for ncaa division university?

A student athlete playing at a college within any NCAA Division must meet both general and academic eligibility requirements. For Division I, a student has five years from the date of his/her enrolment at any university in the world to compete for four years of competition. However, he/she must stop competing on the day he/she turns 25 and any scholarship must finish at the end of that semester.

why do men and women have different scholarship awards in certain sports?

This is due to a US law called ‘Title IX’, put simply it means that when scholarship allowances from all sports are combined there should be an equal number of opportunities for both male and female athletes. This means that female athletes have a larger scholarship allowance in many sports due to the high number of American Football scholarships offered to male athletes which doesn’t have a female equivalent.

when should i start the us college recruiting process?

It’s not an exact science as to when you should start the recruiting process. At Sporting Elite USA we say to our students that first of all you need to be 100% sure this is a route you want to proceed with. Once a student and their family have confirmed they definitely want to pursue this route we’d look to start immediately once the GCSE exams are over, this then gives us sufficient time to build exposure for the student before college coaches complete their rosters. If a student wanted to go out to the USA in September 2016 we’d want to start working with them no later than January 2016 as the more time that we have to recruit for them the more offers we’re able to collate.

am i guaranteed to receive a scholarship if i join sporting elite usa?

No. It’s against NCAA regulations for anyone to guarantee a scholarship to a student athlete. What we do at Sporting Elite USA is minimise the possibility of failure and miximise the possibility of success by going through a thorough assessment with each potential student, because of this we turn down thousands of students every year due to us not being confident of gaining the scholarship funding they’d require. We pride ourselves on our transparency from the outset as we want to promote a reality and not sell a dream!

how many colleges do you work with?

At Sporting Elite USA we communicate with college coaches from the NCAA, NAIA & NJCAA, this allows us to offer each individual student the college that best suites their needs. Unfortunately some agencies only work with a select number of colleges so no matter what the students academic level or sporting ability they’ll always be promoted to a specific set of colleges.

Do you receive a referral fee from US colleges?

No we don't receive any referral fee's from colleges in the US, when we work with a student we are impartial in the process and will always keep the students best interest in mind when recommending or giving advice on a college. Unfortunately some scholarship organisations do accept referral fees and this means you can rule out some colleges immediately whilst you could also be mislead in to choosing a university that pays the highest fee but isn't necessarily the best fit for yourself.