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Here at Sporting Elite USA we believe in building strong long lasting relationships with the students and families that we work with, in order to do this we need to make sure we have the right people representing us that have the beliefs, understanding and dedication needed to be a successful member of the team.

One of the benefits to working as a scout at Sporting Elite USA is that your timetable can be flexible as the majority of the work you'll be doing will be in the afternoons, evenings or weekends so you can watch as many students play or speak to families. Qualities that are required to be a success as a scout at Sporting Elite USA consist of the below:

Dedicated - You need to be dedicated to the role and understand the importance of the job at hand, you'll be helping students find a university that will decide where they study for 4 years and will impact future career progression for them.

Understand Sports - You'll be watching and talking to students from a number of different sports so you need to have a good understanding of sports in general whilst also having an eye for talent and evaluating someones ability level.

Honesty - Before working with any student you'd be expected to go through an evaluation with each student to understand their academic level, academic goals, US college requirements and athletic requirements. After this evaluation you'll give the student and family an honest opinion of the potential opportunities available and how we can help them make this possible.

Good Communicator - You're role will also involve talking to groups of people so being able to get up and deliver a presentation is a skill that's required. You'll also need to be able to have strong communication skills when managing students so that families understand where they are in the process every step of the way.

Be a go getter - Your role will require locating talented students and informing them and their families of the opportunities available in the USA. This isn't a role where you can sit behind a desk and wait for it to come to you, you'll need to get out there and let as many students know about the great opportunities available in the US.

Being a scout at Sporting Elite USA is hard work but we believe it's one of the most rewarding roles possible, we're in the privileged position of helping young talented students find a great university with the potential of minimal cost to their family. The gratitude and thanks we've received from many families can only be understood when you see that look in their eyes of the exciting times ahead. We have a strong team environment here, we love working hard, pushing each other and also making new friends in the process.

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If there's a number of talented athletes in your country that could benefit from the services that we provide and you're interested in starting a Sporting Elite USA franchise then please see below for what we believe is a requirement to run a successful franchise.

  • Strong time management skills
  • Strong people skills
  • Good understanding of the US college system
  • Care and attention to detail
  • Dedicated with a strong will to succeed

In running a Sporting Elite USA franchise you'll be looking after the day to day running in your country which will include business planning, searching for students, communication with college coaches and managing students in your country.

You'll receive full training in order to get set up and to be able to hit the ground running, you'll also receive ongoing training support and monthly conference calls to help continual progression.

You'll get out of this role what you put into it, we strongly suggest that if you want to pursue a franchise that you're in the position to commit the time needed to making it successful. This will be an important factor when deciding whether we'll go forward with the franchise application.

If this sounds interesting and something you'd like to pursue please contact us today at